• Eligibility for Membership: (a) Graduates. All graduates of Alabama State University are eligible for membership and may hold office in the NAA. (b) Former Students. All former students of Alabama State University who were regularly enrolled and left the institution in good standing are eligible for membership in the NAA.
  • Active Members: Active membership is held by those who are eligible for membership and who have paid their annual NAA dues, which include an annual contribution to the ASU Foundation.
  • Associates: Persons who support the objectives of this Association and have an identifiable relationship to Alabama State University, have paid their annual NAA dues and have made an annual contribution to the ASU Foundation may be recommended as associate members by an active member.
  • Life Membership: NAA Life Membership is available to all active alumni members who contribute $1,000 to the program. Fully paid members will receive a life membership pin and plaque when they become a Life Member. The fee shall be remitted to the NAA’s Treasurer. Information on making installment payments for the Life Membership fee can be found in the Bylaws. Life Members are still responsible for paying annual local and regional dues and making an annual donation to the ASU Foundation.

There are several methods to join the Elmore County Alumni Chapter:

  1. Attend Chapter Meetings
  2. Submit your check or money order to the below listed mailing address
  3. Contact the chapter via email –

Annual Dues are $50

Make check or money order payable to:

ASU/NAA Elmore County Alumni Chapter

P. O. Box 443

Wetumpka, AL 36092